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What to know:

1. Procedure: Vasectomy is a surgical procedure which removes a part of the vas deferens, the tube-channel that carries the sperm from the testicle to the prostate area. Each end of the bas deferens is tied with non-absorbable suture. For practical purposes it must be considered a permanent procedure, although on rare occasions a reconnection has been accomplished surgically. Bleeding and infection are always a possibility after any surgical procedure. These complications are infrequent. Xylocaine, a local anesthetic, is injected into the area of the surgery. There will be discomfort in the groin for about 7 to 10 days following surgery. It is suggested that the day following surgery be taken off from work.

2. Sterility: Sterility cannot be guaranteed because of the rare occasion of an accessory vas deferens or tube-channel. Also on occasion, the severed and ligated ends of the duct will spontaneously reconnect themselves. If this occurs, it will usually be discovered by means of a sperm study done three months after surgery. There is no guarantee that the sperm study will reveal that this reconnection has occurred.

Contraceptive measures must be used for three months after surgery and until a sperm sample has been studied to determine the absence of sperm.

3. Consultation: We would like to discuss this with both marital partners and examinethe male prior to the vasectomy.
Vasectomy Clip Procedure
This procedure is similar to the above with the exception that special clips are used to "seal off" the vas deferens preventing sperm from passing through. This procedure eliminates all cutting, suturing and cauterizing (burning) of the vas deferens and reduces potential complications related to damage of the vas deferens. When compared to traditional vasectomy, this procedure significantly reduces pain, recovery time, and increases the willingness of men to bear the responsibility of birth control.

Billing for this procedure includes two components -- the actual surgical procedure to place the clips (procedure code 55250 $801.00) and the clips themselves (procedure code A4649 $440.00).

insurance carriers cover the surgical procedure but the clips are considered "elective" and are therefore the responsibility of the patient. Edina Family Physicians patients desiring the clip method are required to pay the $440.00 for the clips prior to the procedure.

As with any medical procedure, it is the responsibility of the patient to verify insurance coverage with their insurance carrier.


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