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Offered at Our 5203 Vernon Ave. S. Location

Patients seen by Edina Family Physicians have the convenience of having their ultrasound performed right here at our location. In addition, we also serve patients from outside affiliated clinics. Our Sonographer is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) and a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT).

Ultrasound is a simple, safe, painless diagnostic procedure that bounces high-frequency sound waves off parts of the body and captures the returning "echoes" as images. There is no injection or radiation exposure associated with ultrasound.

We perform general ultrasound exams as well as vascular exams. These exams include:

All Abdominal Organs
(liver, kidney, pancreas, gallbladder etc.)
Abdominal Aorta
Pelvic (trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal)
Soft Tissue
Venous Doppler (upper and lower extremities)
Arterial Doppler (upper and lower extremities)
Liver Doppler
Kidney Doppler

Preparation for your ultrasound will depend on the type of exam. When we are scheduling your appointment, our staff will provide you with the specific instructions for your exam and review your health and insurance information.
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time.

Patient Experience:
You will lie on a cushioned table and gel will be applied to your skin; the gel acts as a conductor.
A transducer, a hand-held device that sends and receives ultrasound signals, is moved over the area of your body being imaged.
Images instantly are captured on a television-like monitor and transferred to film or videotape for a radiologist to review and interpret.
Depending on the type of exam, it can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes.

When you have your study done with Edina Family Physicians, your digital films are transmitted electronically to our certified radiologist for reading.  Your diagnostic report and results are sent to your physician by the next business day. 


In some cases, if your physician feels your study is of an emergent nature, we have the ability to have the radiologist read and report it to your physician immediately.  This allows your physician to contact you and manage your care that same day.


Our ability to provide complete ultrasound services within our location gives our patients a great deal of convenience and peace of mind.  We are one of the few privately owned facilities to offer this service.



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