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AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a severe, frequently tragic viral infection that destroys a person?s resistance to infection and certain cancers. It is a sexually transmitted disease, like syphilis and gonorrhea. Because the virus lives in lymphocytes that are part of the make-up of blood, it can be transmitted through blood or blood products. Paranoia of AIDS has grown causing many misconceptions that have only served to fuel the public fear of AIDS.
• AIDS cannot be transmitted through casual contact, including being coughed upon by an AIDS-infected person, sitting next to or even living in the same house with an AIDS victim, eating food that has been prepared or handled by an infected person, swimming in a pool with an infected person, or caring for an AIDS patient. The only definitely known way that AIDS can be transmitted is if the virus is transmitted from the blood or genital secretions.
• AIDS cannot be transmitted by casual contact or social kissing.
•There is absolutely no evidence that AIDS can be picked up from toilet seats, showers, bath tubs, water fountains, telephones, typewriters, other office equipment, drinking glasses, or food touched by an AIDS victim.
•The only way that a healthy child could contract the AIDS virus from an AIDS-infected child is if both children were to have sex or direct blood contact.





Everyone is susceptible to AIDS. Above all, know your sexual partner. Casual sex increases the risk of contracting AIDS with the chances increasing in direct proportion to the number of different partners one has sexual relations with. For more information on AIDS or where you can go for confidential AIDS testing, ask your doctor.


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